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Firstsource Maritime Services specialises in two key maritime areas: Operations and Advisory. Operations relates to barge services and offshore logistics. Port and blue sea barging services in support of various port and non port operations are our forte. With the increase in offshore mining and oil and gas exploration and production, offshore logistics operations are also on the increase. We are the only company fully engaged in this lucrative area.

Maritime advisory services draws liberally from the in-house expertise in the maritime experience and knowledge. We therefore advise government and industry on all issues maritime, including maritime policy and strategy.

Maritime Policy

There has never existed any maritime policy in South Africa and there are no indications of any such policy being in the pipeline anywhere in the relevant ministries/ departments charged with matters maritime. This is despite the economic and strategic importance of such a policy and that South Africa is a maritime nation. However, there are numerous policies that touch on maritime matters, almost all of them implemented separately and in piecemeal fashion by the many different departments.

Firstsource Maritime Services is the first and only company in the country to champion the case for a maritime policy for South Africa. Through its Maritime Forum, mobilisation for the development of an integrated maritime policy has taken root. It is also the first and only company to map out the key elements of the policy but most importantly, to undertake a comprehensive study of this sector in South Africa. South Africa’s maritime economy, understood to contribute a sizable portion of the GDP, has long been left to its own devices. For a developing country, this route is dangerous. This however, is about to change. Firstsource Maritime, through its online forum is pressing for a more engaged government on this crucial sector. Along with an organised private sector, the economy can only reap benefits. Firstsource is pulling private sector together so as to work with state to map a new way forward.

South African Maritime Cluster

Besides efforts around the maritime forum, Firstsource is championing a call for the establishment of a maritime cluster. Unless this is done, there is little or no hope of ever benefiting from the enormous potential that can be had from this sector.

Plans are afoot to extend the maritime study to include the Southern African Development Community (SADC). Firstsource is the only and first source for maritime policy issues. You are welcome to join the many individuals and companies that now yearn for a South African Maritime Policy. We welcome your comments and contributions through our email system or through the discussion forum specifically created for this.

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