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Scenario Planning

Advisory Services

Businesses are usually confronted by a range of uncertainties: political, economic, technological, domestic or foreign and many more. The need to understand such key uncertainties around those scenarios that may influence trading or operating conditions is an important part of knowledge that a company must have. Firstsource Advisory provides companies with that internal consistent view of how the future or future circumstances may unfold. Such knowledge helps firms in terms of risks as well as understanding strategic options that may previously have been unknown.

Our scenario planning process provides a structured methodology of identifying uncontrollable events that make up the macro-environmental landscape.

The produced scenarios, agreed and developed in liaison with a client, allows clients to test their business strategies and to understand the inherent risks. Understanding that it is not possible to produce a strategy that will be applicable under various future scenarios, the approach allows clients to proactively anticipate the impact of future events on a chosen strategy

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