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Strategy Development

Advisory Services

A clear, focused and informed strategic direction is all that may differentiate a laggard to a champion in creating and adding value to shareholders. Irrespective of whether the entity is government, state owned enterprise or private, the notion of value is what essentially guides entities. While the process of developing a strategy may be generalized, the actual strategic initiatives that a company or an entity adopts will be highly dependent on the context of its business.

At Firstsource, we create new value and let others add. The art and science of creating value is left to very few who truly understand the complexities and nuances of company issues and environments. We will take you and your staff along the value creating path.

We provide penetrating insights into company environments (internal and external) before drawing on our large pool of expertise for any nature of business. We work in a highly integrated manner, enabling employees to buy into the overall process and believe in the strategy that is developed. Using our multidisciplinary team, we arrive at solutions in an easy and comprehensible way.

Where we have not been tasked to assist with implementation, we nonetheless go our way by suggesting the best possible implementation framework. We do have some of the finest minds on strategy implementation, using some of the known tools in the industry. You will be pleased how we provide discipline to strategy.

We thus do the following:

  • Strategy development
  • Strategy implementation
  • Performance management (M&E)
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